Airbrush Tanning

Custom Airbrush Tanning

Custom Airbrush Tanning is Available Here!

Our Certified Airbrush Technicians ensure that you get flawless color!

Boost your confidence and see fast results!

Malibu Tanning’s exclusive solution is:

  • Natural
  • 100% Vegan
  • Eco- Cert Organic
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten Free
  • Sulfate Free

1 session- $35.99

Membership- $40.99 monthly

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Exfoliate & moisturize your skin before you go for a spray tan.

Your skin has a buildup of dead skin cells on top its top layer. The thicker the layer, the sooner your spray tan will rub off. By exfoliating, you remove the dead skin cells and thus leave a clean canvas for a perfect and longer lasting airbrush. It is important to use products that don’t contain any oils, otherwise the oily barrier can stop the spray tanning solution getting through. Moisturize your skin (with a water based only product) after every bath or shower to increase the life of your tan. Malibu Tanning has a variety of products that will help you prepare for your airbrush session, from exfoliants to primers we got you covered!

Don’t wear any deodorant or makeup before your airbrush.

Many deodorants will stop airbrush solution from going through. Some others will turn the armpits green. Moisturizers and makeup products can act as a barrier, not letting the full amount of the solution to attach itself to the skin.

It is recommended to wear loose clothing after your spray session.

Although you dry your skin in front of a fan, the tan needs to “set”. It is best to bring clothes and shoes as loose as possible to wear after your airbrush session, to make sure nothing rubs off.

Wax or Shave your legs before spray tan.

If you need to shave or wax your legs do it before, and make sure that you wash your legs after waxing to remove any wax residue. If you shave your legs after your airbrush, you will take off some of your tan during the process.


Your sunless tan will last up to 7 days.

  • Wait until the next day before bathing or coming in contact with water.
  • Avoid engaging in activities that cause you to sweat heavily until your tan has fully developed (after you shower)
  • Moisturize daily with a post-sunless product. Malibu Tanning has the products you need to protect your color!


  • Prepare for, Prolong, and Protect Your Airbrush Tan!

Proper skin care before, during and after sunless tanning will extend the life and look of your tan.

Cocktail Tanning

Ready to turn up your tan?

Get optimal results with cocktail tanning.


A combination of a sunbed tan followed immediately by a sunless session.


Sunbed tanning uses UV rays to trigger melanin production, while opening up your pores and allowing the sunless spray solution to penetrate your skin. This produces an even darker, deeper and longer-lasting tan.