• Stay in touch with today’s best U.V. Tanning Technology at Malibu. Malibu believes in providing the very best technology at affordable prices. Every experience comes complete with user-friendly audio sound systems and oversize rooms, for your comfort. Malibu strives to provide a deep down tan by strictly adhering to its management driven lamp maintenance program. Nourish your image the Malibu way!

    * Beds may vary by location.

    Level 1

    Tan Fast!

    Level 1 Beds


    The Sundash Level 1 bed is the perfect place to start to get the tan you want and deserve. It features 32 super powered lamps and delivers a smooth, even tan.


    Sunstar 332

    A wider, curved seven-foot tanning surface offers all-around tanning in a comfortable resting position. A great choice for your Level 1 needs.



    Soltron Touchdown

    Maximum Tanning Exposure 20 Minutes.  38 Soltron High-tech lamps with Reflex Neck Tanner and Soltron Fan Control. You’re in control when you’re in the Soltron Touchdown!




    Equipped with 32 lamps and optional HP facial lamps,, the Level 1 UWE Tropical is the perfect bed to start your tanning experience. This bed is a great way to build up your base tan, but with a maximum time of 15 minutes, its also a great place to escape and relax!


    Level 2

    Tan Faster!

    Level 2 Beds

    Hot Pepper

    With 40 Soltron 140-watt high-tech lamps, 3 facial tanners at 400 watts, plus the special Soltron 2 PSR and filter technology, the Hot Pepper offers everything that sets the S Series apart.A reflex neck tanner and the pleasantly refreshing Soltron fan are included with this model. This outfit is sharp and spicy: the Hot Pepper sports a sizzling high-gloss finish with zesty, extra-hot interior lighting. Spice up your life!



    Solaris 442

    Featuring 42-100 watt bronzing lamps and 3-400 watt extreme reflection facials to give you the most out of your 15 minute session.

    ETS Solaris 442


    Solaris 542

    You asked for it, you got it. The Solaris 542 is a 12 minute session with high power 160 watt lamps. Your body will love the comfort, power and beautiful, long lasting tan! You’re going to look fantastic!




    This 48 lamp tanning bed features 180 watt Wolff® system lamps, 4 Xtreme Reflection® facials and serious tanning power in only 12 minutes. You will love the quick tan time, comfort and results.




    The Genesis 240 is equipped with (40) High Performance lamps. This bed has (20) 160-170 watt lamps in the canopy, while maintaining (20) 120 watt lamps in the lounge. The unique sun surround design enhances UV exposure while delivering one of the most comfortable tanning environments. The distinctive shape dramatically increases the usable tanning surface which allows for more even coverage along your sides and underarms. The Super Sundash 240G is a full 20-minute session.




    The Montego Bay Viper is a 12 minute maximum exposure bed with an extra large ergonomically designed comfortable tanning surface. It has a visual timer display in the canopy and high performance dual speed body fan with 40 total lamps! The Viper is an excellent level 2 choice to acquire the perfect tan!


    Level 3

    Tan Extra Fast!

    Level 3 Beds


    Race is a state-of-the-art, 46 lamp performance driven bed with 3 facial tanners at 500 watts a piece. Race in and grab the tan you dream about in this sporty, very comfortable bed!




    The SolarForce™ 648 mega bed, with the S2 Advanced Technology tanning system, will deliver the luxurious tanning experience you are always sure to get at Malibu Tan. The total surround 160 watt lamps give you the tanning power that you need to achieve that perfect glow in just 12 minutes. The advanced body cooling system built in the SolarForce 648 tanning bed continuously blows cool air over the body and face for an enjoyable, comfortable tanning experience.



    Ergoline 600

    The Ergoline 600 will take your tan to the next level.  The color received from even just one session in this bed is amazing.  Just try it once for yourself and you’ll have great respect for this bed’s power.  Plus, due to its massive size, it will comfortably fit even the most claustrophobic and larger tanners.




    The all facial Level 3 Sunboard is designed for fair and dark tanners. With 1% UVB rays, the Sunboard offers a more advanced tan with less worry of overexposure. The open structure of the bed offers a non-claustrophobic tanning environment, while keeping you cool while you tan. Also, the lounge shape of the acrylic lessens chances of pressure points on the back and keeps you oh so comfortable!


    Level 4

    Tan Super Fast!

    Level 4 Beds


    The Chill bed struts it’s stuff with high pressure facial and shoulder tanners, reflex neck tanner, The Soltron fan with face ventilation and  aroma vitalizer system! Vertical spaghetti lamp shoulder tanner with full air conditioning and 2 lighting elements in chill design. What’s not to like?



    SS 755

    Perhaps the best tanning bed ever made! The SS755 has proven itself to be a thoroughbred tanning machine. The first bed to use true 200W lamp technology, this bed will provide you with “plateau-busting” color that is unprecedented. All this in conjunction with the powerful Ultimate Reflection™ face tanner technology!




    This high pressure bed has a total of 57 lamps with a total bed wattage of 16,000w. It offers aromatherapy & mist; intense shoulder & extreme facial high pressure facial tanners. With a 10-12 minute maximum time this bed is both luxurious and powerful.


    Level 5

    Tan Fastest!

    Level 5 Beds

    Sunboard XTT

    Enjoy 100% High Pressure tanning bliss with the Sunboard XTT tanning bed! The Sunboard XTT gives you open air design and a non-claustrophobic tanning experience with a total of 14,600 watts allowing you to tan in complete style and comfort! Experience tanning the way it should be experienced!




    Velocity™ HP1000
    This radical, futuristically designed tanning bed has taken the tanning world by storm. The open, inviting design is completely unique. With more power than ever, the Velocity Ultra-Pressure tanning bed never fails to impress. This tanning bed provides a powerful ultra-high pressure experience that gives long-lasting color for both fairer-skinned and dark skinned customers. You can be sure no other tanning bed looks or tans like the Velocity™ HP1000.


  • Smart, fast and flawless results, Malibu Tan’s level of service and number of options we provide in UV-Free services exceeds our competitors. Experience one today to achieve a golden glow all your friends will be envious of.
    In today’s health consciousness and wellness-focused society, UV-Free tanning has become one of our most popular spa services. UV Free tanning comes in a variety of formats and offers the richness of a glow of traditional tanning without actual time at the beach or under lamps. In some cases, you can drop in get a perfect looking glow in minutes and be out the door for a spectacular evening event.

    Laser SprayTans System

    Australian Gold®

    The Australian Gold® Laser SprayTans™ System has redefined sunless tanning with the

    world’s first laser targeted Spray-on Tanning System. No other system guarantees the

    lowest overspray, most accurate body detailing and drip free applications.

    • The world’s only Laser Guided™ sunless system for perfect detail.

    • Unique gravity feed, low psi, HVLP soft spray application.

    • Overspray is virtually eliminated.

    • Gently applies with perfection in under three minutes.

    • Fast training and flawless applications.

    • The industry’s only drip-free DHA Solution.

    • We are the standard others try to copy.

    Australian Gold® Laser SprayTans™ System

  • Looking to bring your environmentally challenged skin back to its baby soft look and feel? Malibu has spent several years researching cutting edge equipment and procedures to help you achieve this. Our spa equipment revitalizes, hydrates, and provides that youthful, vibrant look and feel. Advanced hydration technology, oxygen science, and light therapy are the fundamentals in this breakthrough process. For more info, click on the pictures.

    The Hydration Capsule


    The Hydration Capsule is a 20 minute relaxing vitamin steam sessions that will help relieve stress, prepare for tanning, and prolong tanning results! This extraordinary engineering breakthrough creates the harmonization of a two patr formula: a single blanket of radiant heat and steam. The system will topically bathe you in both of these features simultaneously providing the appearance of clean, beautiful, radiant looking skin.
    Deeply hydrate your skin with steam, radiant heat and special oxygenated skincare products, and you will promote a faster, deeper, darker tan.

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    Spa Hyrdration Station